Tralee Bay Sailing Club
COVID-19 phase 3
Return to sailing for dinghies
1) We are guided by the Government roadmap and the ISA advice on sailing.
2) Each sailor is responsible for their own safety and must comply with advice on hand hygiene, social distancing and respiratory etiquette.
3) Any sailor who is unwell or has been exposed to COVID-19 is not allowed to participate.

4) You must complete a participation form before each session you attend

5) The clubhouse will not be available for the moment.
6) Sailors should arrive at the dinghy park in their sailing gear not more than 30 minutes before launch time.
7) Each sailor must complete the participation form (see below) to enable contact tracing if necessary.
8) Sailors must be able to rig their boat on their own or with the assistance of household/family members.
9) Boats must be positioned so that they are at least 2m in every direction from other boats being rigged.
10) The upper wind limit shall be decided by the experience of the group.
11) All sailors must be sufficiently capable to launch, sail and recover their boat without assistance or with only the assistance of a household member.
12) When ready to go afloat sailors must await the supervisors invite to approach the slipway. There shall be no more than two boats on the slipway at any time.
13) Each sailor/family member must secure their launch trolley themselves.
14) No rafting up is allowed once on the water.
15) Once afloat sailors must abide by the instructions of the coach/supervisor.
16) On return to shore sailors must retrieve their launch trolley themselves and bring their boat up the slipway unaided.
17) Once again there must be 2m in every direction whilst derigging.
18) Any debrief will be conducted in the dinghy park whilst maintaining social distancing